TallyGenicom announces new 6800 series printers

The new and exciting range has arrived including the ZERO Tear Off. With increased speeds of 2000 LINES per Minutes and with new innovation in ribbon technology The total cost of ownership has been dramatically improved through a 30% reduction in consumable cost per page. Together, these innovations present a compelling reason to upgrade your printing solution to the TallyGenicom 6800 family.

Innovations and Advantages

TallyGenicom 6800 Comparison to 6300 & 6200 Series

Innovations within the 6800 series deliver substantial gains in reliability, productivity and environmental responsibility. These benefits drive "The Power of Plus," providing compelling reasons for business or industrial customers to upgrade, expand or replace their current printers:

  • Faster print speeds = increased productivity, better workflow and reduced waiting time for documents to print and choices of speeds up to 2,000 lines per minute;
  • Improved print quality = crisper clarity in documents; a higher impact force improves printing on multi-page forms;
  • Longer lasting ink = fewer ribbon changes which yields increased productivity and contributes to lower cost of ownership;
  • Leading-edge ribbon technology = less IT interventions due to a patented feature that is only available with TallyGenicom consumables;
  • Embedded microchip = precise, integrated control over ribbon life, print quality and operating costs;
  • Reliable connectivity via Plug and Print = no down time. Intellifilterâ„¢ provides the widest possible range of emulations, configurability and tools at a user's disposal. Installation requires no host changes, allows for easy data stream substitutions, and is done without reprogramming; and
  • Robust remote printer management = option to control entire global printing network from anywhere

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